Times Have Changed!
Until July 1, 1998, the home inspection industry was unregulated and home inspectors were not tested for competency. No longer is this true. We are now regulated and certified by the State of Oregon, and minimum standards have been established to help assure that competent, thorough inspections will be provided to home buyers and sellers.

However, a number of the Home Inspectors here in Central Oregon decided that the minimum requirements of certification were not enough. We formed an organization that is dedicated to developing our own professionalism and promoting a better understanding of our profession in our communities.One of COAREI’s primary objectives is to “Improve and promote the education and professionalism of Real Estate Inspectors.”

COAREI is an approved provider of state required continuing education to Home Inspectors.


For information about COAREI:  Contact any of the COAREI officers listed below:

President: Mike Wilson 541-420-8501
Secretary: Fred Woodworth 541-549-0774
Treasurer: Dan Arian 541-447-6900

To contact a COAREI member regarding a home inspection: Please see the MEMBERS page

Download our membership form below.

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